torstai 18. syyskuuta 2014

Blazer - Jiu Jo   |   Dress - Surface To Air   |   Shoes - Givenchy   |   Bag - 2nd hand   |   Shirt - 2nd hand (Both)

Good morning everyone!

I haven't slept that well for weeks but now I feel like reborn. I was so tired yesterday that I guessed that I'm definitely not going to manage to get up before 12pm. But now I'm ready to explore Scotland more and waiting for this tour trip where we are going to be shown our campus (Caledonian university) and also little bit different cafes and pubs and just generally the city of Glasgow.

It has been so awesome here!! Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help u in need. I've already met so many international students and exchange student that my head is just filled with new faces and names. It has been exciting to get to know these wonderful people from all around the world.

The school is starting next monday and we still have this week for just to spendtime with our new friends and partying, going to the trips, having new friends and so on. Now that all the mandatory thing are done we can finally relax and let the beautuful Glasgow charm us <3

Have a great wednesday!!

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