lauantai 8. maaliskuuta 2014

Quit playing games

What a lovely saturday morning! I just handed out one of my biggest school reports yesterday and weekend is on it's way. And just yesterday I was at Hartwall Arena to see one of my teenage year's favorite bands, Backstreet boys, for the second time. What an amazing concert! Only one thing is bothering me at the moment, I accidently deleted all my pics (about 5000) from my phone when I only  tried to delete all the video material. But well..maybe in the future I'm smarter and will port all my photos to my computer. Luckily one week from now we are going to pick our new kitten Diana home from the breeder and she's going to create us so many beautiful new memories.

Have a lovely weekend <3

Skirt - COS   |   Shoes - Benetton   |   Jacket - Weekday   |   Top - H&M   |   Scarf -Bershka   |   Beanie - Svea   |   Purse - River Island

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